Saturday, April 21, 2012


I don't have a one topic post today.  So here are some snippets.

Lately we have welcomed another sweet baby into our group of friends.  Lebean has a Little Bean.  She is adorable and has the cutest cheeks in the world.  (I keep telling B that I am going to see his future girlfriend whenever I go to see her.  Of course, her could be like his brother, J, and like older women, but I have matchmaking hopes, I do!!)  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of her to share, but you can see some at her momma's blog, here.  I'm sure you will agree about her cheeks. 

This leads to another random thought.  Our friends group has and is changing.  A number of us have brought children into the world, some have married, we are all getting older.  When I was younger, I "knew" things about my future life.  (I always saw myself with children, but didn't always see a husband there.  Luckily for me, I got both!)  I knew that when I had kids, my life would revolve around them and their activities as well as my own and I knew they would change my life.  I never really pictured how things would change groups of people though.  It's kind of a weird dynamic.  I don't want to force my kids on my friends- but my friends seem to enjoy seeing them almost as much as they enjoy seeing me (or more?)  It's a really cool thing.

School is a bit rough.  I still haven't really regained the passion for it that I used to have.  I am still planning to go back in the fall, but large parts of me just don't really want to.  (I have a significant case of the "I don't wanna's".)  I don't have a particular big reason- B and J both seem to be doing fine with the schedule.  I just would rather be with them than at school.

I am still working on craft projects and will, some day, exercise again.  Really, I will.  I have the urge to go running- or rather, I have the urge to run the way I used to be able to when I was in better shape.  I will not enjoy the process of getting there again.  But, at least I have the urge!

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