Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a good weekend.  My parents came into town on Saturday and J- as always- really enjoyed the time with his Papa.  My husband is currently working on the weekends, so having some help with J and B was wonderful for me.
Sunday morning started early.  I've been looking for another church for us- and think that I may have found it.  So, we headed off to an 8 am service.  Then, back home for an Easter Egg hunt for J.  My dad acted the part of Easter bunny and hid the eggs I'd prepared outside while I nursed B.  Then, he helped J find them all.

Once all the eggs had been found, J got to enjoy all of his loot.  And then, it was off to faire for us to see Daddy.

Rain was threatening as we left, but the skies had cleared- temporarily- by the time we got to site.  We had some nice visiting time with people and were able to watch part of a show before the skies opened on us again.
B was not necessarily impressed by his first visit- we'll have to see if he likes it better next time.

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