Monday, April 16, 2012

2 years ago, my life changed irrevocably.  My husband and I welcomed J into the world.  He has become an amazing little boy- stubborn and infuriating, tender and giving, hilarious and mischievous, loving and generous, intrepid and brave- in short, incredible and awesome.

The story:
My caesarean was scheduled for 9 am.  (As I had had fibroid surgery previously, my Dr. recommended against labor.)  My parents were in town and some friends waited with us at the hospital. We all got up early and headed to the hospital. Getting prepped for the surgery was kind of surreal.  Epidurals are odd, to say the least.  D (my husband) washed up and put on his scrubs in order to be in the OR with me.  They did my pre-surgery blood work and we headed in to have a baby.
Everything went fine for the surgery- although hearing the Drs. talking was funny.  They were chatting, and at one point said, “did you see those twins?”  That made us a little nervous!  Soon, D got his first sight of J.  D says that when they held J up for me to see, he watched me fall in love.  And, I did.  We had a few complications post surgery- my bloodwork showed I had the HELLP syndrome, but J was great.  D and our friends got to watch him at the nursery and take pics- like the one below from our friend, P.

J started life out as a skinny, energetic baby, and hasn’t changed a great deal in the last 2 years.  He’s still pretty skinny- and still has incredible amounts of energy.  You can see how his personality has blossomed and grown in these pictures.

Today, J amazes me daily with the growth of his imagination, his vocabulary, his love and curiosity, and his new found role as a big brother.  Thank you little man, for making the world such a better place than it was before.


  1. That little guy changed a lot of lives, ours included. Hearing him say "Eleanor" makes everything better!